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For process control and flue gas monitoring, industrial  facilities require equipment able to operate 24 hour a day in harsh  environmental conditions. Reliability and low maintenance have been our main  objectives when developing a complete range of gas and particulate continuous  analyzers.
From sampling to data management, Environnement S.A   ensures that its  technology is tailored to your application and in  accordance with all regulations in force.
In the industrial emission  monitoring field (waste incinerators, power plants...), analyzers which operate  24h a day in harsh environmental conditions are required. 

Therefore, reliability and maintenance reduction have been our main objectives  when developing a complete range of gas (HCl, SO2, NO, NO2, CO, CO2, O2, HC,  VOC, HF, NH3…) and particulate continuous instruments.
From sampling to data collection, we ensure that our soultions are tailored to  your application and in accordance with regulations in force:

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