Rotary Paddle Type Level Switch

Long products, product’s lineup rich in variety.
Simple mechanism, easy to install and setup.
Excellent reliability in stable operation.

Capacitance Type Level Sensor

Selectable sensitivity with dip switch, easy calibration.
No driving unit , long-term stability.
Excellent maintenance surface by amplifier circuit.

Vibration Type Level Switch

Detect the measurement of low specific gravity.
Easy sensitivity adjustment.
Excellent corrosion and pressure resistance.

Sounding Type Level Indicator

Accurately measures the level of bulk materials in silos or tanks.
Integrated controller built-in.
Simple design of the one- chip microcomputer-equipped.
Double specificated with DC4 ~ 20mA and the pulse.

Float type level switch

Product’s lineup rich in variety for liquid.
Float size accordance with the liquid specific gravity.
Products for marine use.

Dial Gauge Level Meter

Stable in a continuous indication of the liquid level.
Option in the DC4 ~ 20mA.
Flame explosion proof type.

Ultrasonic type level indicator

Excellent beam angle and permeability.
Ultrasonic beam angle Min 2.5°.
Controller integrated.
Multi-controller of a multi- channel connection can also be produced.

Guided Microwave Level Transmitter

Unaffected with dust, vapor, temperature , pressure and foam layer.
Reduce wiring costs in the 2-wire.
Reliable, high stability.