Pressure Measurement

Pressure transmitters
  • For absolute, gauge and differential pressure measurement
  • From basic, ultra-compact to modular, extensible pressure transmitters
  • With ceramic and metallic measuring cell
  • For use in hazardous areas, hygienic environments or safety-related applications (SIL)

Compact pressure transmitters

For general pressure, differential pressure and level applications
  • Robust, fully welded stainless steel housing with optional display and adjustment module
  • Recessed or flush-mounted diaphragms, many wetted materials available
  • Meets all requirements from hazardous areas to hygienic applications with standard 2-wire HART® output

Process pressure transmitters

For advanced pressure, differential pressure, level and interface applications
  • Made for the most demanding process applications with advanced software, communication and performance
  • Available with ceramic or metallic diaphragms and various housing materials
  • Extensive features and approvals, e.g. for hazardous areas, hygienic environments, or safety-related applications (SIL)